Wright, Asahel, New Marlborough. Return of men raised to serve in the Continental Army probably from Capt. Wheeler’s co. ; residence. New Marlborough; engaged for town of New Marlborough; joined Capt. Allen’s co.. Col. Wigglesworth’s regt. ; term, 3 years; also, list of men mustered between Jan. 20, 1777, and June 1, 1778, by Truman Wheler, Muster Master for Berkshire Co. Capt. Allen’s co., Col. Wigglesworth’s regt. ; reported received State bounty; also. Private, Capt. Noah Allen’s co.. Col. Calvin Smith’s regt. ; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Feb. 18, 1777, to June 19, 1777 ; reported died June 19, 1777; also, Capt. Noah Allen’s co.. Col. Edward Wigglesworth’s regt. ; return [year not given] ; mustered by Capt. Wheeler; reported deceased. HISTORICAL NOTE: Washington deprted Valley Forge in pursuit of the British June 19, 1777. Source: MS&SRA Vol 17 pg 916/922

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