Allen, Ezra, New Marlborough. Descriptive list of men enlisted from Berkshire Co. in 1779; age, 20 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft. 7 in. ; complexion, light; residence, New Marlborough; delivered to Lieut. Storey; also, Capt. Allen’s co., Col. Smith’s (13th) regt. ; enlisted July 22, 1779; discharged March 7, 1780; enlistment, 9 months. Source: MS&SRA Vol 1 pg 151/193 MERGED as same person: Allin, Elihu, Sandisfield. Return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Col. Ashley’s regt. [year not given]; joined Capt. Allen’s co.. Col. Wigglesworth’s regt.; enlistment, 3 years. Source: MS&SRA Vol 1 pg 198/240

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