Huggins, Medad, New Marlborough. Private, Capt. Caleb Wright’s co. of Minutemen, Col. John Fellows’s regt., which marched April 21, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 1 mo. 3 days; also, Capt. Adam Kasson’s co.. Col. John Ashley’s (Berkshire Co.) regt.; enlisted Oct. 14, 1780; discharged Oct. 16, 1780; service, 6 days, by order of Gen. Fellows on an alarm at the Northward, including travel (3 days) home ; also, return dated New Marlborough, Oct. 1, 1781, made by the Selectmen, of bounties paid said Huggins and others raised by the town of New Marlborough to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 months, agreeable to resolve of June 30, 1780 ; also, Private, Capt. Jeremiah Hickok’s Co., Lieut. Col. Sears’s regt.; enlisted Aug. 6, 1781; discharged Nov. 8, 1781; service, 3 mos. 7 days, travel (4 days) included; regiment raised in Berkshire Co. to serve for 3 months ; roll endorsed ” Col Elisha Porters Reg’t.” Source: MS&SRA Vol 8 pg 469/479

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