Brookins, Reuben, New Marlborough. Descriptive list of men raised in Berkshire Co. agreeable to resolve of Dec. 2, 1780, as delivered to William Walker, Superintendent; Capt. Kasson’s co.; Col. Ashley’s (Berkshire Co.) regt.; age, 16 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 7 in.; complexion, dark; hair, brown; occupation, laborer; residence, New Marlborough; enlistment, 3 years; also, Private, Capt. Ebenezer Smith’s Co., Lieut. Col. Calvin Smith’s (6th) regt. ; returns for wages, etc., for Jan., 1781-Dec., 1782; time allowed from Feb. 24, 1781 ; reported sick and absent in April, 1782; also, order for wages for 1781 and 1782, signed by said Brookins, dated Feb. 23, 1784. Source: MS&SRA Vol 2 pg 567/573

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