Harmon, Eli, New Marlborough. 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Ephraira Guiteau’s 7th co. (South Co. in New Marlborough), 1st Berkshire Co. regt. of Mass. militia ; list of officers chosen by the several companies in said regiment, as returned by Mark Hopkins and others, field officers, dated Great Barrington, March 26, 1776; ordered in Council May 6, 1776, that said officers be commissioned ; reported commissioned May 6, 1776; «/so, 2d Lieutenant, (late) Capt. George King’s (6th) CO., Col. Benjamin Simonds’s detachment of Berkshire Co. militia ; muster roll dated Ticonderoga, Feb. 25, 1777 ; appointed Dec. 16, 1776 ; engagement to expire March 15, 1777; also, Capt. George King’s co.. Col. Benjamin Simonds’s detachment; return dated Sheffield, May 1, 1777, signed by John Fellows, of a detachment made from said Fellows’s (Berkshire Co.) brigade, to reinforce the Continental Army, agreeable to order of General Court, and which marched the beginning of Jan. [1777] ; also, 1st Lieutenant, Capt. John Collar’s (New Marlborough) co.; list of officers of Berkshire Co. militia; commissioned Oct. 14, 1777. Source: MS&SRA Vol 7 pg 300/308 [NOTE: mention of “South Co.”] MERGED as same person: Harman, Eli. Lieutenant, Capt. Zenas “Wheeler’s co.. Col. Hopkins’s (Berkshire Co.) regt.; entered service July 15, 1776; discharged Aug. 1, 1776; service, 17 days; mileage out and home (224 miles) allowed; company marched to the Highlands, N. Y., on an alarm. Source: MS&SRA Vol 7 pg 298/306 [NOTE: Name Spelling] MERGED as same person: Harman, Eli. Private, Capt. Elijah Deming’s detachment from Col. Ashley’s regt.; enlisted June 4, 1778; discharged July 15, 1778; service, 41 days; detachment ordered to Albany by Gen. John Fellows. Source: MS&SRA Vol 7 pg 298/306 [NOTE: Name Spelling] MERGED as same person:

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